Monday, February 10, 2014

composer FAIL #75

The Presidential Palace
So…this isn't the fourth rejection letter I received while in Vietnam. I thought it was because I saw this heading…

…and then I actually read the contents of the email.

At this rate I can't remember which competitions I've applied to, which are still out there, and which I have not applied to. But don't worry, I still have a rejection letter I can post.

Someday my choral piece will be performed again? Maybe?


Nicole Chamberlain said...

I have a spread sheet to keep track of all the competitions I've submitted to so I know when to expect my next rejection letter. Yay!

J Flinn said...

OK, so knowing you didn't get in makes me feel better about not getting in, if that makes sense. (It's just as well - I'm presenting at another conference the same weekend, though it's an academic paper and not one of my works.)